The Strength,
Confidence &

you so deeply desire is a kettlebell swing away.

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The Strength, Confidence & Empowerment

you so deeply desire is a kettlebell swing away.

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Do you struggle with:

Fat Loss & Nutrition

We ALL know how frustrating & discouraging it feels to “try every diet,” lose a few pounds of fat and then gain it all back (or more). Find out how we can help you cultivate simple, effective & sustainable nutritional habits.


Do you skip a lot of workouts because you don’t feel motivated to do them? This is a struggle for many of us too! Let’s work together to cultivate discipline rather than waiting for feelings of motivation to strike, because they likely won’t.

Time & Consistency

Perhaps you have a hectic and/or unpredictable schedule and have a hard time fitting in workouts consistently. Let us help brainstorm doable options for you.

Gym Fees

Gym memberships can be expensive, but not nearly as costly as low self-esteem, illness & injury! Sign up for AND COMPLETE a few classes to experience the magic that makes our gym worth the commitment!


Benefits & Outcomes


Benefits & Outcomes

Step 1


Get Started

Coaching Call

Book a Free Consultation phone call to learn more about us and how we can help you reach your goals!

Step 2


Try It Out

Foundation Classes

Sign up for a membership and complete our two Foundations Classes to learn proper form for a few basic movements and to ease some of the fear, self-doubt & insecurities you might be feeling.

Step 3


Continue Your Journey

Live Empowered

Rise above your fears and self-imposed limitations by cultivating strength, confidence & empowerment with a badass and empowering group of ladies!

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Hear what our members have to say

Post-surgery & Labor

“I started coming just to redevelop some core strength after having a pretty serious spinal surgery and having children. Two years and three kids later, I’m stronger than I was when I played Division 1 soccer in college! G-FIT and Gianna meet you where you are but challenges and supports you in working towards where you want to be. She can feel your energy and knows when you need to be pushed, but more importantly, when grace and gentleness are needed. The members at G-FIT have become my family. We show up to support and uplift each other, because let’s be real – most days, we’d rather be doing anything except working out…(like sitting down eating burritos…which we sometimes do together after a workout hahaha).”

~ Chelsea (37, Doctor of Physical Therapy)

Great Social Environment

“About 3 years ago I was gifted classes at G-FIT by my daughter who knew that I wanted to add strength training to my fitness routine. BEST GIFT EVER! Not only have I improved muscular strength and overall conditioning and flexibility, but I have done so in a supportive, fun and safe environment. I love working out at G-FIT!”

~ Karen (61, Retired Financial Technician)

Empowering & Encouraging Environment

“I feel so thankful to be able to work out at a place like G-FIT! Not only have I gotten stronger physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. Gianna and the entire coaching staff are so welcoming and they truly care about the well-being of each member, taking all of our goals and concerns into careful consideration. Gianna and our G-FIT ladies have become great friends of mine. I deeply cherish those friendships, and it makes working out so much more fun and enjoyable!”

~ Alison (19, Student-Athlete)